Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pictures I love

One of our wisest purchases over the last couple of years has been Hubby's digital SLR camera. (SLR, of course, stands for Super-Lovely Resolution.) He reasoned that if we had a really good camera, we could always do our own portraits rather than having to pay a studio, plus get awesome everyday pictures of our little fam. Once he figured out the model that would suit our needs the best, it was a matter of watching the sales until the price was right. We ended up buying one in August 2010, of all times. D was around ten months old. We paid around 400$ with tax, I believe.

Here is one of the first photos he took, and it's still one of my favourites. It was my computer background for the better part of a year, too.

And some more recent ones:

M, wearing a sweater and hat that my colleague Christiana got for D. I love having two girls!

A photographic rarity: the appropriate bath shot.

Me and my eldest, looking surprisingly similar. And pale.

Naptime/bedtime photos of this kid are always a win.