Sunday, March 25, 2012

Of blueberries and bilingualism

While cleaning the kitchen tonight, I'm listening to Jacob Moon, and looking forward to sitting down afterwards to read this article, and eating these muffins, pictured below.

The mug is exactly my cup of tea, literally and figuratively. It came from my university days, when an amazing department head believed that academic prizes shouldn't just come in envelopes, and sought out local artisans to make gifts which would accompany the monies won. (Salut, Professeur Paré!) So, tonight, I'll use it as I do almost every day, and be grateful once again for my parents who put me in French Immersion. I may not talk about French or bilingualism on here often, but they're never far from my thoughts, especially as I try to teach my daughters the language I treasure. I'm also tutoring again, which is wonderful! (Hi, Sarah!) And starting next week, we (that being me and my English-speaking Hubby) are planning on attending the French-language service at our church in preparation for the church plant in Gatineau. I truly can't imagine my life without knowing and loving the French language. Hopefully, this kid will thank me some day for persisting in speaking it to her.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beware the silent toddler

After playing in the basement for most of the morning, D decided to head upstairs around noon. I told her I'd be up in a bit, once M finished nursing. It had been eerily quiet above me and I made my way up to investigate.

First, I saw crumbs. This is not unheard of in my kitchen.

Then I noticed that the top of the cake caddy containing zucchini bundt was askew.

I lifted the lid to see this. Oh my word, I am so glad she stayed away from the knife.

And looked up to this face.

Thank goodness I had a baby in my arms who had to be transferred to her swing, because otherwise I would have been unable to hide my grin. Cheeky monkey. We did have a talk about the danger of knives, and the foolishness of having cake before lunch when Mommy says no. (It turns out that precludes you from having cake for dessert.)