Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Small victories

Today wasn't a total win, but there were several ways in which it was not terrible:

-M and I made it in and out of Ikea in less than 30 minutes with only the items on our list
-several rooms in my house are partially clean, and the girls helped pick up their toys in the living room
-dinner was ready (thanks to some sacrificed quiet time) when Hubby got home
-D shared the names of three more classmates, so now we know of 14 kids in her class, out of a possible 19
-M's favourite French words today: ouvert, fermé, camion, attention, encore

The one we used to call Snaggletooth

I don't need to go on in detail about the bad mood I was in this morning, the joujouthèque toy that D broke, the shorter-than-usual naps and resulting post-nap weeping. I only mention them to keep it real.