Sunday, November 3, 2013

How's your autumn?

Well, let's see. Point form will probably be my best bet here.

-D started kindergarten
-Hubby started a new job
-D, my grandma (GG), my dad, M, and my mom had birthdays, in that order
-both of my grandmas passed away within days of each other, meaning two funerals over two weekends
-I've been teaching David Platt's excellent and challenging book, Follow Me, at our women's Bible study
-we drove to Southern Ontario for a reunion with our old Bible study group (known modestly as The Best Small Group Ever)

So, it's been busy and somewhat stressful, to put it mildly. Not surprisingly, there's been a measure of illness added to our daily routine, more so than in an ordinary year because of everything D brings home from school.

Mixed in with the sadness of losing my grandmothers, we had the joy of visiting family. The day after Gams passed, my brother and two sisters drove from Toronto and spent several days here. We had family dinners every night, and it was better than when we were growing up, because everyone's kinder and more mature. And there are little kids to play with and pregnant bellies to pat (my sister's this time). All of my cousins were there for the visitation and the funeral, including one from out West who travelled with a toddler and an infant. (We later had a fun afternoon play date with them!) The six great-grandkids proved a happy distraction and were pretty well-behaved, although my two certainly had their moments.

GG's funeral wasn't really like a funeral; it was a visitation at my parents' house, and people came and talked and ate and saw pictures from my Grandma's life on screens in various rooms. Once everyone had gone except for immediate family, we shared memories of Grandpa and Grandma, funny ones and serious ones.Then we went out to Swiss Chalet for dinner, which was GG's fave. I am so glad to have been able to spend as much time as I did with them, both when I was growing up and in these early years of my daughters' lives. Even though it may become increasingly common as people live longer, I think it's a pretty amazing thing to get to see your grandchildren become parents.

I've been hanging out with this kid a lot

She's been wearing this dress almost daily

They've had a least two naps like this recently