Tuesday, January 26, 2016

G's half birthday by the numbers

18: months old today

11: teeth cut so far. Soon to be 12, as one bottom molar seems hours away from poking through the gums

4: months he's been walking

79, 715, 538: current total of views of Feist's 1234 video for Sesame Street; I'm pretty sure most of those were G's. He asks for it by saying "bock bock bock bock?" and pointing at my laptop or Hubby's phone.

50, 10, 5: words he knows in French, English, and sign language, respectively. I've been trying to speak to him in French most of the time, and he's pretty responsive. I always regretted abandoning that with the girls, so this is my do-over. As a bonus, the girls understand nearly everything I say in French, and Hubby is picking up on it, too.

7: visits to CHEO so far. One to the ER for a urinary tract infection, and rest were kidney-related.

4: cars, trucks, and train sets we had before G came along

12+: cars, trucks, and train sets we have now. One train set is particularly meaningful. One of its carriages belonged to my father-in-law when he was G's age, and his brother Paul recently found it. Paul made two other carriages to match, and an engine, onto which my father-in-law carved G's name. It's been a big hit so far, not only with G, but also his sisters, and any kids who come to visit.

at least 5: nicknames, including G-bird, G-bones, Senor Gav-gage, Bonhomme, Gavocado, and probably others I can't remember.

90: percentage of G's clothes that are hand-me-downs from his cousin Linky (who is 5 months older)

1: percentage of G's clothes that are hand-me-downs from his sisters

2.5: years that G has left at home before he starts school. They aren't kidding when they say it goes by fast, and you never get those years back. Although, to be fair, I don't know that I'd want much back from those early years. It is hard, hard work to parent a baby/toddler/preschool. It's nice to look back at pictures and videos, but as for reliving those years? Maybe I'll change my tune when all my kids are grown.

Dapper little dude

Check out those chicken legs!

This is the face we are treated to so often!

Pretending to read is exhausting
I still get a little thrill whenever I get to say "my son", even a year and a half on. G is still such a sweetheart, and loves to smile and giggle. He is starting to growl (which he learned from the girls) and throw tantrums, just to remind us that he is not perfect. He lets me choose his clothes (even the occasional bow tie) and is starting to keep hats and mittens on. He's a huge fan of climbing, and is learning to leverage chairs to get up onto the table or counter. He adores his big sisters, both sets of grandparents, and his delightful assemblage of aunts, uncles, and cousins. He can even say many of their names. And if he hears the telltale Skype ringtone, he will run towards the source saying "Poppa! Poppa!"

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