Monday, September 5, 2016

Choices and changes

This week will be my final week as a full-time stay-at-home mom. The past year has been full of uncertainty and change, and we've had to make some choices and some changes. When Hubby was unemployed last fall, we took a good hard look at what our options were. He was (and is) still studying to finish his degree, and there are just not a lot of jobs out there for someone without post-secondary education. We had also made some fairly significant financial mistakes as a family, and those required immediate and serious remedies. So here I am, with a BA and a BEd and a desire to take some of the strain off Hubby.

A number of conversations between us and a few other people led to my applying for one job: the French supply list for our local school board. By the grace and providence of God, I got an interview, and was hired. I started praying and then looking around for daycare options for G, and got one recommendation for a lady in our neighbourhood who turns out to be a Christian. She had a spot available for the exact number of days per week I needed. G starts there next week when his sisters head back to school.

Now I will have the chance to find out how you amazing working moms do all you do! While this is not a path I would have chosen on my own, I recognize how blessed I am to have the opportunity to provide for my family. I applied for one job, I interviewed one day care provider, and here we are, ready to go. That process is not always as linear, and I know that God's hand has been preparing the way for me. I have been blessed to be at home with my kids for the past seven years, and this will be a new season of growth and change for all of us. I am, of course, nervous about the days to come, but I know the One who holds our days and He is Good.

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